Carbon Products

Carbon Seal Rings

Carbon Seal Rings are either resin impregnated or metal impregnated or highly densified carbon form based on the specific customer requirements.

Carbon Thrust Bearings

Carbon Thrust Pads are manufactured for submersible motors to meet the dynamic | varying load conditions of bore-wells and for open well vertical | horizontal pumps.

Radial Bearings

Radial Bearings made of Carbon-Graphite resin-impregnated or metal-impregnated Krish Carbon to deliver friction free performance specially for submersible motors requirements.

Carbon Vanes

Carbon-graphite vanes and graphite resin bonded vanes made from Krish Carbon are suitable for wet and dry running for vacuum pumps.

Carbon Rotors & Vanes

Rotors & Vanes made of Krish Carbon-Graphite are suitable for dry running rotary compressors and vacuum pumps.

Other Carbon Products

Damper Bearings, Fuel Cell, Piston Rings, Vanes For Bulk Metering

Carbon Segmented Rings

Segmented Rings can be classified as Contact Seals, Contact Free Seals & Grooved Split Seals. Multi segmented seal rings find extensive use in rotating shafts or linear motion pistons.

Carbon Blanks & Blocks

Resin Impregnated Metal Impregnated Carbon Blanks & Blocks.

Carbon Steam Joint Seals

Steam Joints are exposed to all known lubrication conditions including wet, mixed and dry running.