Marine Industry Products

Oil spill response equipment – il containment booms, skimmers, temporary oil storage tanks. Disposable oil spill kits, sorbant booms, sorbant pads for oil and chemicals. Personal protection equipment (PPE).

Packaging Products

Container Desiccant (silica gel, Cacl2/starch) for absorption of moisture inside the cartons, shpping containers during transport, storage and protecting your cargo from damaging effects of water condensation and re-evaporation.

Supply of Consumables

Mild Steel, SS & Non Ferrous Scrap, Ferro Alloys, Resin, Binders, Coatings, Refractories, Motors, Grinding Wheels/Honing Sticks, Cuttings Discs, Abrasives, Thermocouples, High velocity burners, Electrical items, Mechanical seals, All Grades of Carbon, SS steel Shaft & rods, PTFE Gaskets, packing, seals, bars & sheets, Steel Shots for shot blasting, Garnets for Blast Cleaning, Grinding and Cutting Discs, Cutting & Heating Torches, High Alumina Bricks , Ceramic fiber Blankets, Ceramic modules, Refractory and Ceramic Lining material, Welding Electrodes & Flux Cored Wire, Arc Air Gouging Electrodes, Metal Cutting Electrodes, SS, Duplex and Special Welding material, Hard facing Electrodes, Personal Protection Equipment.