Foundry Equipment


Green Sand

  • High Pressure Moulding Line – TOKYU, Japan
  • Smart Mould High Pressure Moulding Line
  • Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Moulding Machine

Chemically Bonded Sand

  • Continuous Mixer With Compaction Table
  • Fast Loop Line
  • Carousel Plant
  • Moulding Accessories
  • Bolster Plate

Sand Plant

Green Sand

  • Intensive Sand Mixer
  • Sand Cooler
  • Fluidised Bed Sand Cooler
  • Smart Cooler – Homogenise Sand Cooling System
  • Smart Sand Lab
  • Polygonal Siever
  • Knock Out System
  • Stationary Knock Out System
  • Self-Discharging Knock Out System
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Automatic Additives Charging System
  • Inline Aerator
  • Lump Breaker
  • Sand Storage Hoppers

Chemically Bonded Sand

  • Attrition Unit
  • Primary Attrition
  • Secondary Attrition
  •  Cooler Classifier
  • Sand Storage System
  • Pneumatic Conveyor
  • Sand Drier

Metal Handling

  • Auto Pouring System
  • Ladle and Accessories

Casting Handling

  • Apron Conveyors
  • Overhead Casting Conveyors

Dust Collection System

  • Impulse Dust Collection System
  • Venturi Type Dust Collection System
  • Fleet Type Dust Collection System

Mould Handling

Green Sand

  • Mould Handling
  • Green Sand
  • Hydraulic Pusher System
  • Powerised Pusher Trolley System
  • Powerised Transfer Trolley System
  • Punch Out Machine
  • Mould Handling Accessories

Chemically Bonded Sand

  • Rollover Stripping Device
  • Flood Coating System
  • Manipulator
  • Mould Pre Dryer
  • Mould Conveyor
  • Powerised pusher trolley system

Surface Cleaning

  • Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine
  • Twin Cabin Shot Blasting Machine
  • Tumblast Machine
  • Automatic Fettling Machine
  • Grinding Machine

Core Shop Automation

We are giving solution for core making process with highly advanced machineries with homogeneous mixing quality of core sand &lesser cycle time.Our Specially designed Batch and Continuous mixers ensures proper mixing of chemicals in sand particles; which gives excellent surface finish in casting.

All process of core sand preparation is controlled by state of the Art- PLC with Human –Machine Interface system, resulting in consistent quality of cores with shorter cycle time of core sand preparation.