Induction Furnace Spares

Induction Furnace Spares

Crucible – Melting Capacity: from 30 Kg to 12 MT,

Control Transformer, Furnace Selector Switch,HRC Fuse, Hydraulic Cylinders,Induction Furnace CLR,Induction Furnace Semiconductor, SCR, Diode, Snubber resistor, Snubber diode, Snubber capacitor, Teflon coated wires, Induction Furnace Side Plate, Induction Heating AC & DC Capacitors, Plate Heat Exchanger, Temperature Sensor, Water Cooled Lead, Induction Furnace Top & Bottom Blocks.

Induction Furnaces Components & Spares

These are actually electrical furnaces, where heat is applied by the induction of heat through a conductive medium in a crucible. A magnetic coil is wound around the crucible, offering a melting process that is clean, energy efficient and easy to control. This ease is in comparison to other metal melting processes. Various foundries all over the nation have installed these furnaces, to melt cast iron, as melting the same in cupolas leads to the emission of dust and other pollutants.

  • Control Transformer
  • Furnace Selector Switch
  • HRC Fuse
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Induction Furnace CLR
  • Induction Furnace Semiconductor
  • Induction Furnace Side Plates
  • Induction Heating Capacitors
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Water Cooled Lead
  • Induction Furnace Top & Bottom Blocks
  • Induction Coil