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Foundry Equipment - Sree Sakthi Foundry Equipment.

Moulding– Green Sand High Pressure Moulding Line, Smart Mould High Pressure Moulding Line, Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Moulding Machine. Chemically Bonded Sand-Continuous Mixer With Compaction Table, Fast Loop Line, Carousel Plant, Moulding Accessories, Bolster Plate. Metal Handling- Auto Pouring System, Ladle and Accessories. Casting Handling- Apron Conveyors, Overhead Casting. Conveyors. Dust Collection System – Impulse Dust Collection System, Venturi Type Dust Collection System, Fleet Type Dust Collection System, Sand Plant Green Sand Intensive Sand Mixer, Sand Cooler, Fluidized Bed Sand Cooler, Smart Cooler– Homogenize Sand Cooling System, Smart Sand Lab, Polygonal Siever, Knock Out System, Stationary Knock Out System, Self-Discharging Knock Out System, Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Automatic Additives Charging System, Inline Aerator, Lump Breaker, Sand Storage Hoppers. Chemically Bonded Sand plant & Moulding LineAttrition Unit, Primary Attrition, Secondary Attrition, Cooler Classifier, Sand Storage System, Pneumatic Conveyor, Sand Drier. Mold Handling Green Sand Hydraulic Pusher System, Powerised Pusher Trolley System, Powerised Transfer Trolley System, Punch Out Machine, Mould Handling Accessories. Chemically Bonded Sand Rollover Stripping Device, Flood Coating System, Manipulator, Mould Pre Dryer, Mould Conveyor, Powerized pusher trolley system. Surface Cleaning EquipmentHanger Type Shot Blasting Machine, Twin Cabin Shot Blasting Machine, Tumblast Machine, Automatic Fettling Machine, Grinding Machine.

Heat Treatment Furnaces – VMH THERMAL TECH

Industrial Electric furnace, Industrial gas fired bogie hearth furnace, Stopper rod drying oven, mold drying oven, Electric bogie Hearth furnace, Aluminum melting furnace, High Temperature electric furnace, High temperature muffle furnace, Non furnace melting furnace, Box type electric furnace, Electric drying oven, Core Drying oven, Salt Bath furnace, Saddle preheater, Auto quenching fork arm furnace.

Cooling Towers – CLASSIK Cooling Towers

Adiabatic dry cooling tower, Round shape & Square shape cooling tower, Cross flow cooling tower, Closed circuit Cooling Tower, FRP cooling tower, Wooden cooling tower, Modular cooling tower, Counter flow cooling towers, Natural draft cooling tower, , Plate type, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

Services AMC Services, 24x7 Emergency/ Breakdown repairs, free inspections & evaluations, cleaning Services, Structural repairs, Replacement parts for all cooling towers.
Rebuilds Tower Cleanings Performance testing Mechanical Upgrades Fan Balancing Gear Box Maintenance Drive shaft alignments Maintenance Programs.

Pickling Tanks – Plast World

PP/FRP Tanks and Treatment plants, Pre Treatment Plants, Industrial Pickling tank, Pickling plant waste water treatment Plants, Pickling Tank, Galvanizing Tank, Acid storage Tank.

Carbon Products KRISH CARBON

All type of Carbon products like Seal ring, thrust bearings, radial bearings, rotor & Vanes, stem joint, segmented rings, Blanks & Blocks, Damper bearings, Piston rings.

Engineering Castings& Shot Blasting Machine spares – SAMIR INDUSTRIERS

Shot Blast Parts- Long life wear components in High Chrome with or without Molybdenum/Nickel, Chrome Iron derivatives, Austenitic Mn - Steels and Alloy Steels suitably modified, critically heat treated to develop the most desired microstructure and hardness.
Blast Wheels and Housing- Available in die 300 to 505 mm. Heat treated up to Rc 58, in alloy steels, and dynamically balanced, Shafts, Bearing Housing - Ductile/Alloy Iron castings critically machined, Wheel Housing - Steels - precision machined.
Wire Straightening Dies- Various Materials developed are: High Chrome Moly Iron, Nickel Chrome Iron, Tungsten Carbide Composite Inserts, TC Spraying, Dies are heat treated critically to achieve most desirable micro-structure with high abrasion / wear resistance, High hardness both at room temperature and elevated temperatures during drawing operations, High resistance against deformation.

Induction Furnace Spares – SHASHANK ELECTRICALS

Crucible - Melting Capacity: from 30 Kg to 12 MT, Control Transformer, Furnace Selector Switch, HRC Fuse, Hydraulic Cylinders, Induction Furnace CLR, Induction Furnace Semiconductor, SCR, Diode, Snubber resistor, Snubber diode, Snubber capacitor, Teflon coated wires, Induction Furnace Side Plate, Induction Heating AC & DC Capacitors, Plate Heat Exchanger, Temperature Sensor, Water Cooled Lead, Induction Furnace Top & Bottom Blocks.

Induction Melting Furnace & Spares

Induction Melting furnaces, Induction Crucible, Induction Heating, Induction billet heater, Induction case hardening system, Induction Pipe heating, Induction long bar heater & Spares.