Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

 Bloom Box is the only solution to control the water pollution, air pollution, Noise Pollution within the limits, there is no need of plant rooms and numerous civil tanks. The Plant is single built in a closed module which has different chambers have been arranged, facilitating their transport and installation. Every chamber has been provided with the necessary access and inspection registers. This modular construction allows the increase of the processing capacity by placing more Plants in parallel. The air diffusers responsible for the oxygenation and agitation of the Sewage or Effluent. 


  • Low investment Cost
  • Flexible Design that allows for increased capacity 
  • In built odor control & Noise control
  • Less installation time
  • It is easy to operate and hassle free 
  • Packaged and transportable plant 
  • Based on Green Technology Concept


Sewage Treatment Plant

Advanced Commercial STP

The most advanced-fully automated “GETSBR” wastewater treatment plant –the futuristic German technology with Indian Engineering that adopts sequenced batch reactor “(SBR) technology and consumes very less power when compares to other water treatment technologies.

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